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  1. Jan 02,  · The most commonly consumed version is the sativa form of Green Crack, which is the option notoriously known for energizing and giving a battery-like power up to whoever tries it. The second version of the strain, which seems to be less popular, is a 75% indica variety of Green Crack.
  2. COVID is mutating slowly, with eight current strains, making a long-lasting vaccine more feasible.
  3. It combines the potency of the best photoperiod strains with the characteristics of fast growth of autoflowering cannabis. The flowering of this fast version will happen after just weeks. And the plant should be ready in 8 weeks. Although this strain grows well indoors and outdoors, if you grow Critical Fast Version seeds outdoors, it will grow weeks faster than their original counterparts.5/5(1).
  4. Apr 15,  · SARS-CoV-2’s original strain, Type A, originated when it jumped from pangolins to bats to humans in ground zero, Wuhan, China. Type B evolved from two mutations and is also prevalent in China. Most samples in the U.S. (two-thirds) reveal Type A novel coronavirus.
  5. Jan 03,  · Therefore, when he helped found Mr. Nice Seeds, along with Howard Marks, he released Black Widow; which is believed to be White Widow under a different name. Therefore, we can say that the strain is a cross of a Brazilian Sativa and a South Indian Indica. You won’t be shocked to learn that Roskam disputes Blackey’s version of events.
  6. However, fast version cannabis strains aren’t autoflowering strains. They are photoperiod, which means they are light dependent, but they are a week or weeks earlier to harvest compared to the regular photoperiods. Fast version strains are photoperiod strains, which mean there will still depend on a 12/12 light/dark schedule to flower.
  7. May 22,  · MNT asked his views on the possibility of there being more than one strain of SARS-CoV “Until there is some evidence of a change in virus biology, we cannot say that there are new strains .
  8. Considered the holy grail of cannabis strains, Cinderella 99, or C’99, is a phenomenal plant. What’s special about this speedy growing version is that it takes on the same high and taste as a similar landrace sativa, that normally takes about half a year to flower properly.

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