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Category: Classic Rock

Perseid Jam (Daniel Ascot Remix) - Marius Andries - Perseid Jam (File)

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  2. NASA Chat: Stay ‘Up All Night’ to Watch the Perseids! Experts Dr. Bill Cooke, Danielle Moser and Rhiannon Blaau w August 11, _____ Moderator Brooke: Good evening, everyone, and thanks for joining us tonight to watch the Perseid meteor shower.
  3. Marius Andries, for many more known under his former alias; Pinocchio (Fluid Recordings) is one of few Swedish cornerstone pioneers when it comes to ‘Modern’ Electronic Dance Music. Beginning his musical journey as an 8 year old with the violin, at the age on 10 Marius passed on to the piano as a successor.
  4. PERSEIDS - meteor rain, which illuminates the sky from the side of constellation Perseus at the end of every summer. It is also the name of the indie rock band created after a meeting of Daniel Sparrow and Anthony Pilav in one of Stockholm's pubs in Daniel’s inspiration was awaken by creativity of Joy Division, Pink Floyd, The Cure, Pixies, New Order, The Killers, Kings of Leon and.
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  6. Produced by veteran Marius Andries and rising talent Lily V Nine, 'Anthem of Apophis' takes the listener into a dramatic but melodious atmosphere. The track possesses beautiful, slightly dark and refreshing chords with uplifting elements. A ghosty piano is introduced secondary to the lead and.

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