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Kingdom - Mars Lasar - 11.03 When Worlds Collide (CD, Album)

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  1. Jul 14,  · Music from Mars Lasar's compelling and extensive instrumental music catalog. Music designed to calm and relax your mind to allow you to focus, and sleep deeply. Allow your subconscious to transport.
  2. In the Universe of Kingdom Hearts, also called the World, there are many worlds that fall into certain realms. All of these realms are on their own plane of existence. According to the story told by Kairi's Grandma in the Hollow Bastion's Library, long ago, there was one single world that was constantly bathed in the warmth of Light. When people began to fight over the Light within their world.
  3. Without further ado, these are my top 10 worlds found in Kingdom Hearts HD ReMIX. Castle of Dreams. While we saw the many Disney princesses in the first Kingdom Hearts, it wasn’t until the series moved to the PSP that we got to actual travel to the home of the iconic Cinderella. Between the three playable characters in Birth By Sleep.

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