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(Funny) Bone

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  1. The "funny bone" got its nickname because of that funny feeling you get after you hit it. But your funny bone isn't actually a bone at all. Running down the inside part of your elbow is a nerve called the ulnar nerve. The ulnar nerve lets your brain know about feelings in your fourth and fifth fingers.
  2. The funny bone never is funny, but another bone is, it's ALWAYS humerus. To Thrive in life, you need 3 bones. A Wish Bone, A Back Bone and a Funny Bone. What's left of a clown after a bear attack? Just his funny bone. Don't ever let a chiropractor tell u a joke. It'll hit your funny bone.
  3. Dec 03,  · Cubital tunnel syndrome is one of the most common types of ulnar nerve entrapment. Ulnar tunnel syndrome is less common. The most common place for ulnar nerve entrapment is on the inside part of.
  4. Nov 22,  · 22 Creepy Facts That Will Chill You To The Bone 15 Disturbing Facts to Chill You to the Bone In , a woman killed herself and her son after her husband "oinked" at her when plastic surgery left her with a "pig nose.".
  5. Definition of funny bone. 1: the place at the back of the elbow where the ulnar nerve rests against a prominence of the humerus. 2: a sense of humor.
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  7. funny bone. n. (Anatomy) the area near the elbow where the ulnar nerve is close to the surface of the skin: when it is struck, a sharp tingling sensation is experienced along the forearm and hand. Also called (US): crazy bone.
  8. Kolchak inspecting his troops, later in the Russian Civil War. November 18 , Omsk–The Provisional All-Russian Government, an attempt to unify the Komuch (the leftovers of the Constituent Assembly) with the other, more right-wing White forces in Siberia, satisfied neither side. Both compared it unfavorably to Kerensky’s government in –the left for unnecessarily including the right.
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