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Damn Those Eyes (Edit) - Kane (2) - Damn Those Eyes (CD)

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  1. Mar 10,  · It was a saying evidently in use by sailors in the early to mid nineteenth century. Please see this excerpt from Ulysses S. Grant’s Personal Memoirs written about the ’s around the time of the annexation of Texas: ”After I had gone ashore, and.
  2. Damn Those Eyes. As Long As You Want This. Taurus ((Hanging On)) As Long As You Want This. [CD Maxi] kane. remove. kane added an album Apr 05, at PM You can always edit this or any other info in settings after joining. Twitter. Username?
  3. Kane: As Long as You Want This: The orchestral track from "Damn Those Eyes". Lucy Kaplansky: Flesh and Bone: "I've Just Seen A Face" cover Karališka Erdvė: Aistra: retrospective of band's career with short samples of songs from previous album Kenji Ito: SaGa Frontier 1: Original Soundtrack, Disc 3: "Coon's Theme" Kid.
  4. Damn Those Eyes - Kane (Chords) Em D A Damn those eyes D Em D A They keep me torn inside D G She runs like a river through me A Always you Em D A Eyes don't lie Em D A Words may try G She comes like a mystery A Flows through me Bm And I swear its true D C Always you G A Bm I wish I could run into you now, yeeeah G A Bm C I Wish I could run.
  5. It is a curse said in anger. Archaic: late Victorian, Edwardian English. Theatrical and almost never used in reality anymore.
  6. Gmaj7 F# F#m7 E Bm Gmaj7 F# F#m7 E Bm Bm I can do what i want i'm in complete control E that's what i tell myself Bm i've got a mind of my own i'll be alright alone E don't need anybody else.
  7. Band members. Kane has had a long history of changes in the band formation. Since their founding in , the group has had 19 different band members, although some of those members only played on the recording of the live album February.. At the end of , bass player Dion Murdock left the band, as he wanted to play drums for the Dutch band Intwine.
  8. Lyrics for Damn Those Eyes by Kane. Damn those eyes, they keep me torn inside She runs like a river through me, always you Eye Type song title, artist or lyrics. Top lyrics Community Contribute Business. Last edit by. July 25, Translated by Sarah JMT. July 17, .

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