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Abhainn Liath / Grey River

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  1. Gaelic is an important part of the culture of Lochaber. The vast majority of place-names are in Gaelic and have descriptive and historical meanings. Gaelic gives us another view on the world and.
  2. A small stream rising in Morven and flowing into the Berriedale River. MEUR LIATH: Meur Liath: Mr M. Campbell, Shepd. [Shepherd] Mr D. Gunn Shepherd Cupernisgaich Mr W. Gunn Shepherd Cupernisgaich: A small stream flowing into Feith Chaorruinn Mhòr.
  3. abhainn as, lí mhín liath scaoilte timpeall an tí. Ag barr sléibhe an staighre, d'éireodh an fhoinse i nGuagán Barra, agus as sin, scaoilfinn cláideach uiscí geala na Laoi chun sníomh síos le fána, ribín liath ag rith tríd an halla, faoi dhroichead an toilg, scáileanna bric rua agus bradáin ag .
  4. Grey rock strewn hills glowered down, On the altar shaped boulder on river's bank, Black blood encrusted, stinking, dank, It's cargo a message clear and striking, Seen by usurper king and his men of rank, Headless, wound rivened corpse, a Viking, Dreary rain washed blood to the river still, Rubied water, rended flesh, drained viewers' will.
  5. Kincardine- Kyncardyn - G. Cinn-chàrdain; 'cinn' is the locative case of 'ceann,' head; càrdain is of common occurrence in names on Pictish Ground, urotlitatiternworlnisttinhumugest.xyzinfon's Airchartdan, now Glen-Urquhart, Plus-carden, Carden-den, and the various Kin-cardines and Urquharts. Though not found in Gaelic, it appears in Welsh as 'cardden,' a wood, brake, whence Kin-cardine means Wood-head or Wood-end.
  6. Aasleagh (in Irish Eas Liath) is the name of an Irish waterfall in the northern Connemara. He becomes by the river Erriff (Ir. In Oirimh) fed and is shortly before the mouth of the river in the Killary fjord northeast of the place Leenaun on the border of the counties Galway and Mayo. The name decreases to the originally Irish naming Eas Liath.
  7. Between the burn and Allt na Criche, Boundary Burn, is a stone pillar called An Nighean Liath, the gray girl. Near the mouth of the little burn is Oirthir an Rudha, Coast of the point, off which is Sgeir an Trithinn, Trinity Skerry, a rock in the sea with three humps. Allt Saraig-Burn of Saraig; N. saur-vik, mud-bay.
  8. Beinn Liath Mhor a’ Ghiubhais Li is certainly a mouthful, even for the Gaelic, but it simply means ‘the big grey hill of the colourful pine’. Try ‘byn lyee-aa vore a yoo-ash lee.’.
  9. Gráig Inbhear Inis Leitir Liath Lios Loch Lorga Má Mám Hamlet, cattle-stead River mouth Island Hillside Grey Ring fort Lake Shin-shaped Plain Mountain pass Curragraigue Dromineer Inch, Inistioge Letterkenny Killylea Lismore Loughbeg, Loughrea Lurgan Moyglass Maam Cross, Maum.

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